Elago Line Friends Collaboration Bt21 Airpods Pro Case



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UNISTARS UNITE! elago's new case just got hit with the UNIVERSTAR! PROTECT YOUR CHARGING CASE FROM DROPS, SCRATCHES, DIRTS, and OILS FROM EVERYDAY USE while showing your love for BT21!

KOYA, RJ, SHOOKY, MANG, CHIMMY, TATA, COOKY - Who's your favorite? Show your love for UNIVERSTAR by becoming a UNISTAR!

elago is an AUTHORIZED LICENSEE OF BT21. Be sure to buy authentic products!

CASE IS MADE FROM durable TPU material; TPU makes the case almost indestructible and allows you to EASILY CLEAN it by wiping it.

elago is a DESIGN COMPANY FIRST AND FOREMOST. Our motto is SIMPLE SOPHISTICATION because we create products that are USEFUL AND AWESOME! WE ALWAYS CREATE products that WE OURSELVES USE, so we know YOU WILL LOVE IT!